Contributed by Lingala Naresh

Naresh, is a social entrepreneur and the director of Tharunam which a Non-Governmental Organisation dedicated for the welfare of the farming community. He is also a part of another initiative called which nurtures climate-friendly entrepreneurship in India. Estelle and Naresh met at when they were pursuing their MA degrees. Whilst Naresh went on to pursue his passion to roll his sleeves and get down to work with his friends in the grass-roots, Estelle decided to finish her MA. And during this time Tharunam and have grown.

This gave Naresh the time to focus on Ardham. He has been the catalyst behind Estelle towards the fruition of this project. He shares the passion of gender equity with Ardham and brings to the table immense experience of running two successful initiatives for the societal good. Naresh is a Technical Advisor to the Board of Ardham and a well-wisher.